Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

How is this for an inconvenient truth? The more the climate changes, the more Alberta politics remains the same.

Last week the Stelmach government unveiled its ‘solution’ to the climate change crisis, bill 3, and was promptly accused of “legislating a trajectory of continued emissions growth” by the Pembina Institute. Today scurrilous Environment Minister Rob Renner, using a page from the Klein government playbook, announced he is taking the show on the road to hear from ordinary Albertans about what the next steps in combating climate change should be. Opposition members called today’s announcement “a delaying tactic” and a “PR exercise”. I call it the most fasionable co-option of Albertan participation in the production of rubbish public policy under democratic pretensions since taxpayers spent half a million bucks to find out that health and education were still a priority.


Implausible deniability

Perhaps it’s all due to Al Gore, but the flare-up in public awareness and media coverage of climate change over the past few months seems to be taking on an entirely new light. Primarily, despite the inevitable relics of a bygone era, the media has not been framing the issue as an active debate. The industry-driven denial of the science involved seems at long last to have lost its footing.

AtlasIt certainly had a good run. As excellent article in This Magazine describes the history of the phrase “Made in Canada Solution”, from its birth to a poor but loving industry-backed faux environmental group, to its harsh youth spent wandering the countryside from mouth of pseudo-intellectual to pseudo-intellectual, and at last its glory days, being seized and hoisted aloft by none other than the future Prime Minister of Canada, who proclaimed the full glory of its witless, rabid nationalism for all to see and bask in.

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