Least of the Weevils

I think that the improbable and utterly unforeseen resolution to the current crisis in Parliament may have finally been hit upon.  The situation was quickly becoming a cluster of impossible options.

We can not have another election so soon after the last one, which was called prematurely to begin with and resulted in very little change.

Harper can not continue to govern without the confidence of the House, and has no prospects of winning it back.

Dion can not become Prime Minister of an unstable minority coalition after being thrashed in the election and being scheduled to resign in five months.  Read the rest of this entry »

The President of Canada

Three and a half years ago, I grumbled about Stephen Harper’s dismissive and insulting attitude towards members of other parties. Not much has changed since then. Harper has repeatedly, and ever increasingly, shown himself to be belligerently divisive and utterly disrespectful towards any elected Member of Parliament not from his party, as well as to the Canadians who did not vote for his party. In a minority Parliament, this has proven damaging to the country and possibly fatal to his government.

In his mental construction of our constitutional framework, Harper was elected the President of Canada on the 14th of October. His opponents had been defeated: the soon-to-be leaderless Liberals greatly reduced in their seat count, the NDP making only modest gains, and the Bloc – as separatists – dismissed out of hand as always. To his binary world view, all that mattered in the end was that he had defeated them.  A land in turmoil cried out for a hero. He was Harper, a mighty warrior economist forged in the heat of the Commons.

So when Harper’s attempts to ram the most extreme and partisan elements of his policy through the new Parliament met with genuine resistance, it is quite natural for him to claim (as he truly believes) that the opposition are overriding the results of the election. They lost. He won.

Except he didn’t.

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