The Past-the-Post Café

At the recommendation of several people, I dined at a nearby restaurant last week. The positive reviews of the place were not based on the menu – the choices were, to say the least, uninspiring – but rather on the fact that it was locally owned and operated. I was supporting the community by going, they said.

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The Economist

Despite Manatee’s perspicacious analysis of a month ago, I must say I doubted that an economic downturn would have a significant negative impact on the Conservatives.  I thought that the view of Harper’s Conservatives among the public as the party to turn to for cold hard cash-handling ability was simply too entrenched for any other party to capitalize on dire financial news.  Yet that seems to be just what has happened since the leaders’ debate last week.  The Conservatives still have a healthy lead, mind you, but certainly don’t seem to be anywhere near majority territory these days, and are instead poised to make only modest seat gains.

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