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What should Canada’s role be in Afghanistan? If I were able to choose the ballot question, this would be it. I beleive events such as this, and this have not resulted in the quality of debate worthy of theses tragedies. Most media reports of Canadian casualties are accompanied with a quote from a friend or family member of the fallen soldier expressing the commitment of the deceased to the mission, but I wonder to what extent this commitment is sound and true. Few Canadian soldiers would have heard anything other than that their work in Afghanistan is good, and right, and necessary from their commanding officers. Few Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan, even those who don’t support the mission, would have told their family, as they board their flight to a war zone, anything other than their work is good, and right, and necessary.

I know I’ve freaked out about this issue before, but where is the progress? And if there is no progress, where is the debate?! Hopefully prior ‘consensus’ between Canada’s ‘major’ parties (the party that sent the troops there, and the party that hasn’t brought them home) won’t prevent the mission from being a high profile issue this election campaign .



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  1. O'Smiley said,

    Wednesday, 10 September 2008 at 7:30 pm

    Harper stated today what the Conservative position will be on this issue. Harper says 2011 ‘end date’ for Afghanistan mission

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