Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Ah, a double-front election season.  More than enough to draw Gnomes out of hiding.  But where to begin?  Despite all the excitement down south, let’s stay north of the border for now.  So, shall we go with “Our election law was never meant to apply to us?”  Or, in honour of a soon to be ex-MP, “Ken Epp’s Greatest Hits”?

While I’m sure I will get to both of those in time, I think it’s necessary to begin with some catchup.  Reading over my last few posts makes 2006 seem like a long, long time ago.  Was I ever actually foolish enough to be hopeful about Dion’s leadership of the Liberals?  Impossible.

While the election has not even been formally called yet, it’s a foregone conclusion that the Liberals won’t form even a minority government.  I’d go so far as to say most of them realize that they are never likely to achieve that goal with their current leader.  So while the new House will probably look a lot like the old House, the Liberals can definitely look forward to one great benefit: turfing their nice but hapless leader.  I don’t know if Dion will stick around for an actual leadership review, or have the sense and grace to pull a Paul Martin-type resignation on election night, but I think he knows he is done.

There was certainly a national sense that the Liberals needed to be disciplined for Adscam, and perhaps Dion was actually the right sort of unassuming shepherd to guide them through the wilderness for a spell.  But enough is enough already.  They’ve learned their lesson, and it’s time to stop punishing Canadians for the party’s mistakes.

In a redo of the 2006 convention, there will be no environmental feel-goodery.  No toying with semi-popular former NDP premiers.  No unproven fourth ballot compromise candidates.  The prospect of uninterrupted Harper government for the foreseeable future will make them instinctively go, without hesitation, to the harsh master that projects the strength to lead them from the darkness.  With a couple of years to improve upon his prior tendency towards rookie mistakes, I think Ignatieff’s long game will pay off for him before the end of the year.

~ Gnomes


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