Elections past and future

So, Gnomes doesn’t think the Liberals have a chance at winning an upcoming election. Of course, he is right. Liberals should take comfort in the seeming economic downturn befalling our nation, at least the heartless, power-hungry among them should take comfort, for economic downturn breeds a bitter electorate. Liberals with a heart should…vote NDP.

Let’s take a look at those important elections in Canadian history where Canadians opted to throw the bums out. You will see that few things rile a Canadian voter like a sluggish economy. But first, my prediction: The Conservatives will win any upcoming election, but I’d bet the farm they can’t make it three in a row. Here’s hoping they don’t pull off a majority. The sooner my dissatisfaction with a Conservative government can become dissatisfaction with a Liberal government, the better.

2006 – The RCMP accuse then Finance Minister, Ralph Goodale, of insider trading on 27 December 2005.
Cause: Liberal Corruption/Perceived Liberal Corruption. I’m not even going to try to pass this off as being about the economy!
Effect: Change of Government

1993- In Mulroney’s second, smaller, mandate the Conservative government set their sights on the Federal Debt. Bank of Canada Governor John Crow embarks on an ambitious interest rate increase. Economy stagnates, unemployment increases.
Cause: Economy
Effect: Change of Government

1984- “You had an option, Sir.” I wonder what might have been if Cornelius the First had been allowed to enter the leaders debate.
Cause: Liberal Corruption
Effect: Change of Government

1979- High unemployment, high inflation, high time for a change in government.
Cause: Economy
Effect: Change of Government

1962 and 1963- High unemployment and sluggish economy transform Diefenbaker’s then record majority to a minority in ’62, then cast the Tories to the opposition benches the following year. Things got so bad that Pearson actually suggested in the House of Commons that the Tories hand the reigns of government over to the Liberals without an election.
Effect: Change of Government

1957 and 1958
Cause: Young Conservative supporter falling off stage at Liberal Rally.
Effect: Change of Government. No kidding, look it up.

1935- Great Depression!
Cause: Economy
Effect: Change of Government

1930- Watch out! Here comes the Great Depression!
Cause: Economy
Effect: Change of Government

1921- Conscription Crisis Fallout
Cause: Election tampering and the distrust it creates
Effect: Change of Government

1911- The free-trading, prairie supported Liberals versus the protectionist Conservatives (No kidding, look it up) with a pinch of Quebec Nationalism to make things interesting .
Cause: I’m going with Economy
Effect: Change of Government

~ Manatee


  1. Gnomes said,

    Thursday, 4 September 2008 at 11:32 pm

    If only we were back in the simpler days when an election could turn on a witty one liner.

    Until I actually checked the latest polls, I hadn’t thought a Convervative majority was plausible. Yikes.

    I agree that the next election might be the one where the Liberals can profit from the downturn. Right now it’s more in the vein of “trouble ahead,” and Harper has way more confidence than Dion of being capable of riding through it.

  2. O'Smiley said,

    Wednesday, 10 September 2008 at 7:23 pm

    Hey guy’s, its great to be blogging again. Unfortunately I’m going to have to disagree with you guys that an economic downturn is going to be a positive for the liberals with the current liberal platform – The Green Shift. I think the tax on everything plank is not something people need when they are worried about their jobs and I don’t doubt that the Conservatives will make sure they bring this up every chance they get.

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