May I see some ID please?

My jaw is just now beginning to rise after catching this story on the evening news. Isn’t it reassuring to know that our Premier objects to pre-teens working in bars. I wonder where provincial bureaucrats would have gotten the idea that something like this was ok in Alberta.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

How is this for an inconvenient truth? The more the climate changes, the more Alberta politics remains the same.

Last week the Stelmach government unveiled its ‘solution’ to the climate change crisis, bill 3, and was promptly accused of “legislating a trajectory of continued emissions growth” by the Pembina Institute. Today scurrilous Environment Minister Rob Renner, using a page from the Klein government playbook, announced he is taking the show on the road to hear from ordinary Albertans about what the next steps in combating climate change should be. Opposition members called today’s announcement “a delaying tactic” and a “PR exercise”. I call it the most fasionable co-option of Albertan participation in the production of rubbish public policy under democratic pretensions since taxpayers spent half a million bucks to find out that health and education were still a priority.