Card tricks

Attack ads outside of an election campaign? That gives off an aroma closer to the refined essence of desperation than a choking cloud of cheap cologne. And the environment card? Really? Attacking the Liberals on their environmental record? Really?

Now, the Liberal’s failure to make any significant effort to combat climate change is truly appalling, but when you’ve spent the past decade claiming that Kyoto’s meagre targets were unreachable and that climate change science was bunk, maybe it’s best not to bring up the past at all. What’s the Conservative motto here? “They were almost as abysmal as we would have been!”?

As for the question “Do you think it is easy to make priorities?”, I’m not really sure where the Conservatives are going with that. I’d have to say no, it isn’t easy to make priorities, given the myriad problems facing our country and the limited resources of government to address them. I can’t imagine the process that generated the Conservatives’ list of priorities – tax breaks, cancelling daycare spaces, abandoning international treaties, abandoning First Nations treaties, gutting Status of Women Canada, killing the Court Challenges Program and Law Commission of Canada, and finding time for yet another vote on SSM – but I’m sure it wasn’t “easy”. Surely not that. Surely it’s not easy when your priorities force you to miss the International AIDS Conference when it’s being held in Toronto.

Attack ads play by their nature on fear, anger and stupidity. So really, I suppose, it’s just playing to their base.