Ed who?

Well, I’ll be buying that PC membership now. If Morton receives an endorsement from Oberg — or even Norris — I’ll be very nervous indeed.

The one thing that impressed me, though, was Ed Stelmach’s strong showing. With Hancock’s support, he might even be a contender. If he could get Oberg and Norris’ support as well, and if those three could actually deliver two thirds of their voters, Stelmach would be in a position to knock Morton off in the first round of the second ballot. Morton’s supporters would almost certainly go overwhelmingly to Stelmach over Dinning, giving him the votes needed to win.

It’s a longshot with two big ifs, but I wouldn’t be surprised. This race has been described as being driven both anybody-but-Dinning and anybody-but-Morton, and that anybody is now Steady Eddie Stelmach.


I, for one, welcome our new backroom, corporate overlords

Lest anyone was losing sleep over the news yesterday that Ted Morton was in striking distance of becoming the next King of Alberta, a second poll released today puts the Dauphin, Jim Dinning, back in his comfortable lead, with Morton a distant third.

I have refrained so far from buying a membership, but as Manatee pointed out, their bizarre rules mean that if things aren’t going Dinning’s way Saturday evening for a clear December 2 second-ballot win, I can spend the $5 required to become a member in good standing of the Alberta Tories. If Dinning does secure a comfortable lead tomorrow, I will use the $5 to buy a sandwich. And what a good sandwich that would be…