Loose lips

What is one to make the one-two takeout by the Conservative Party this week, removing outspoken MP Garth Turner from caucus, and the equally unabashed Anne Cools from all of her Senate committees?

All this could possibly accomplish would be to draw more attention to Turner and his blog – he didn’t think much of David Emerson’s floor crossing either – and further the view that the Harper government is becoming far too secretive and protective. Only the most diehard Conservative supporters ever bought the party line that the new government deserves its privacy because the media won’t be fair to them “like it was to the Liberals.” Can anyone who supported the Cons under the pretence of grassroots reform see that quality in the current party in power?


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  1. Manatee said,

    Tuesday, 24 October 2006 at 11:28 pm

    Did the Conservatives dump Turner because of his uncontrollable mouth/keyboard? Of course, but let’s not forget the added bonus of not having to spend time with Garth Turner anymore. The man is a self-promoter (see the blog, or any tv interview where he mentions, you guessed it, his blog) and a bully [link], which I was holding on to for a post about MP respectability (start at 1050 for GT, then scroll down for the vice chair mentioning stepping outside to scrap it out- talk about two of the right’s most noble minds), but will use now to illustrate a bully’s idea of reasonable questioning.

    I guess it’s a good thing if he is free to bully the Conservative government now, rather than committee witnesses.

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