Attrition tactician

One of the more baffling actions – or rather an omission – by the Tory government over the recent months is the delinquency of Justice Minister Vic Toews in filling judicial appointments. This peculiar volition is exacerbating the already difficult condition in which the members of the judiciary find themselves, unable to meet the requirements which the definition of access to justice requires.

Vic ToewsWhen questioned a month ago, Toews replied only with the banal supposition that more judges won’t solve court congestion, though he seem to exhibit some recognition of the problem and assured that judges would indeed be appointed to the vacancies. Yet this assurance, at the time seeming to convey some degree of contrition for the failure, has yielded only the most meagre fruition.

With the effects of this reluctance to fulfill the duties which his position demands being immediately felt, the least Toews could do would be to deign to share with us the mysterious cognition which is guiding his actions. According to the above rendition of this issue by the G&M, the Tories, while in opposition, urged reforms to the appointment process. While proceeding according to tradition may provide ammunition to his critics, the justice system is simply too important to be put on hold while the Toews orchestrates a transition to a new order, and already too overloaded to absorb any further imposition of systemic malnutrition.

~ Gnomes

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