The log driver’s faults

Despite earlier statements to the contrary, Trade Minister David Emerson and the Harper government have prepared a rather unsettling method of ensuring 100% industry compliance with the new trade deal.

The Log Driver's WaltzWhile the deal stands to result in the return of $4 billion of the $5 billion illegally collected by US Customs, it gives the remaining billion of the money owed over to the US government and softwood industry. The NDP had raised concerns that lack of industry support would mean taxpayers might be on the hook for this portion, but never fear, the Harper government will get the money by hook or by crook. Any company which does not willingly waive its right to the full amount will simply have the difference taxed away. Disparaging political opponents to the deal as anti-American and lumber companies opposed to sacrificing the full amount to which they are entitled as “free riders”, Emerson seems to be in full spin mode, and doesn’t seem capable at present of discussing the issue in non-hysterical terms.

In light of this, Gnomes’ earlier equivocation on the softwood deal is shifting to objection. It is one thing to lay down your rights for practical gain, to give up $1 dollar of lunch money to the schoolyard bully in order to retain $4, but it is quite another to join forces with the bully and, on his behalf, insult and punish those who do not give in so easily. While it injures the pride to bow down and give up one’s own rights, it injures the honour to force another to do the same.

~ Gnomes



  1. Manatee said,

    Wednesday, 13 September 2006 at 12:05 pm

    I guess the promised vote and cross country consultations aren’t going to mean very much.

  2. Dexter said,

    Wednesday, 20 September 2006 at 11:12 am

    Hey Gnomes…just a general comment on your new website. Looks much better than the old blogspot site! Nice layout, nice feel, good stuff all around. It’s also a welcome relief to read intelligent political discourse for a change…right now it’s midterm election season in the US, and I’m being bombarded by lowest-common-denominator attack ads around the clock. “Kerry Healy eats babies…do you want your governor to eat babies? If you don’t want polticians eating babies and bathing in their blood during ritualistic orgies of muder and rape, then don’t vote for Kerry Healy.”

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