Deal or no deal?

Well, this is already old news, but in an attempt to change the subject…

Much debate has ensued over the recently announced US-Canada Softwood Agreement, and it was very much up in the air as to whether the lumber deal would make it through the House of Commons. That was, of course, up until last Thursday when Gilles Duceppe announced that the Bloc would be supporting the deal. Many have disputed the deal as a farce, which I must agree it is, but I think Gilles put it quite well in his quote below.Gilles Duceppe

“I’ve consulted all the people involved in this dispute… It was the same answer everywhere. They don’t feel it is a good agreement but they just don’t have the choice.” – Gilles Duceppe

The truth is that there have been no less than four rulings against the US, by both NAFTA and the WTO, regarding this issue, and the US has abided by none. There is absolutely no reason to think that Canada can get any better deal through negotiation or legal means, however, there is definitely a history that shows that if Canada doesn’t accept this deal we may end up with nothing. It’s just too bad that the Liberals don’t see things as they are.

~ O’Smiley ~



  1. Gnomes said,

    Sunday, 10 September 2006 at 10:28 am

    It seems a difficult situation. While accepting the best deal we are likely to be offered may be as good as it gets regarding this specific situation, when a trade partner continually disregards the terms of a treaty, there should naturally be a serious review of the benefit of maintaining the treaty itself. NAFTA was in dire need of renegotiation anyway, so this would seem a good opportunity. That doesn’t seem likely to happen though.

  2. O'Smiley said,

    Sunday, 10 September 2006 at 11:24 am

    I agree Gnomes. I’m sure there must be Canadian industries that currently benefit from NAFTA in one form or another. However, if the prime partner within any deal decides to circumvent the rules of that agreement when they become uncomfortable for them, then we should really be looking into whether the agreement is going to meet Canada’s needs in the future.

  3. Manatee said,

    Sunday, 10 September 2006 at 9:45 pm

    Agreement across the board!

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