Ministry of Truth

I was appalled four years ago to see my provincial government spending tax dollars on a public ad campaign against Kyoto. It is bad enough that our first-past-the-post system causes many people to be effectively unrepresented, but for the party in power to spend public funds to not merely implement but further promote its agenda is a fundamental affront to basic democratic principles. The government is elected to enact the will of the people, not to shape it.

Reading about the recent million-dollar ad campaign planned to promote the now-abandoned Third Way health care reforms, it is clear that state-funded self-promotion has become standard practice for the Alberta Tories. To hear Health Minister Iris Evans defend the ads based on the market research gained during the process adds further insult to injury. Surely, if one wishes to learn what the public are thinking, there are better ways to gauge it than by their reaction to the latest propaganda campaign.

~ Gnomes