Either you’re with us…

Harper’s government, while making a few enjoyable missteps early on, has for the most part been frustratingly adept in refusing to be seen doing anything that might confirm charges of their alleged right-wingedness. Today’s news, however, had them getting dangerously close to that territory which they seem to be avoiding so well, with Peter MacKay claiming that a democratic debate and vote in the House would undermine Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Now where have I heard that sort of line before?

As a democracy, we don’t show our resolve for a position by surpressing debate on it, we show resolve by debating an issue fully and then deciding on a course of action. Reviewing such decisions doesn’t undermine our troops, it shows concern for them. Blindly pursuing a course of action without review would be the position more open to the charge of disgregard for the men and women in the military.

~ Gnomes


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