Mr. Emerson’s Greatest Mistake

It’s one thing when your old buddies don’t like you anymore, but it’s a whole different story when nobody likes you anymore. Dave Emersons acceptance to swap parties to become a Conservative Minister only weeks after his election as a Liberal may the greatest mistake of Mr. Emerson’s political career.

The reaction to Mr. Emerson’s defection has been harsh to say the least. From the early outrage of his constituents, to outrage from his former party members (going as far as allegations that Emerson blew the softwood lumber talks), to his election supporters demanding their money back, and now members of his ‘new party’ calling for his resignation. Dave’s decision to cross the floor my be edging dangerously close to receiving the Grewal seal of approval.

Joking aside (it honestly has miles to go before it is of the ridiculousness that is Grewal, I just love bringing up Grewal every chance I can), I think it will be a very difficult campaign for Mr. Emerson in the next election. Unfortunately for Mr. Emerson, the way things are shaping up, the next election will likely be sooner than later.

~ O’Smiley ~


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