Mr. Emerson’s Greatest Mistake (Update)

Hmm, perhaps I was wrong about Mr. Emerson’s decision to jump parties being his greatest mistake. Apparently, Mr. Emerson’s defection is ‘different‘.

“What David Emerson did, I would suggest, is different, in the sense that he has done this early after the election in hopes of continuing the important work that he was doing inside a government which he was obviously very disillusioned with, … …Unlike other moves, it didn’t happen at a critical juncture that propped the government up. There wasn’t that sense that there was strict reward or leadership ambition.” – Peter Mackay

Apparently crossing the floor to become a Minsiter is not a strict reward. I would have guessed otherwise, but hey, if Peter MacKay thinks its different, then it must be different.

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  1. Gnomes said,

    Tuesday, 14 February 2006 at 4:12 pm

    Jumping ship to the winners days after running in a campaign for another would to me seem much defensible than crossing the floor during the tos and fros of Parliament. At least in the latter case, you can argue things have changed.

    In either case, it’s splitting hairs to try and condemn Stronach and defend Emerson.

    Anyways, I would think MacKay would be more considered with the human aspect of the story. Surely Emerson left behind a heartbroken special someone in the Liberal Party.

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