Year of the blog

Manatee likes to chastise my morbid fascination with lurking on internet message boards, such as babble and FreeDominion. Granted, it’s not the highest quality of debate, but it does provide a cheap sense of superiority. I have my faults, but the internet is always willing to offer up people whose vices are much more pronounced.

To some, though, these sites are apparently more than a source of continual car-wreck fascination. A fellow blogger has apparently connected some very obvious dots, and identified a frequent FreeDominion poster as Edmonton MP Peter Goldring’s campaign manager. A couple of well-selected posts supporting separatism are identified, and a resignation is offered, a minor coup against the Conservative Party.

While this is certainly enough to make me smile quietly to myself, it also cuts dangerously into one of my favourite guilty past-times. Apparrently, not only are there people much more angry and stupid than me, there are also people much more industrious and clever. And who wants to be reminded of that when they are slumming?



  1. Manatee said,

    Monday, 2 January 2006 at 9:05 pm

    This is exactly why I plan on reinventing my internet persona every two years.

    I almost made a post today about a Conservative ad I saw today on the Score network. I made the mistake of reading a couple of blogs that got to the subject before me, and I have now totally lost interest. Thank goodness most voters don’t read these things. At times I find the national media laughable, other times infuriating, but perhaps my biggest beef with the CXX’s online coverage of the election thus far has been the high prominence of blog coverage.

  2. Stevo said,

    Tuesday, 3 January 2006 at 12:27 pm

    A blog post about blogging…you guys are really scraping for ideas at this point.–>

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