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The predictions are in for the M&G Election 2006 pool. While nearly unanimous in predicting wins for Liberals Anne McLellan, Keith Martin, Belinda Stronach, Tony Valeri, and Michael Ignatieff, M&Gers are of differing opinions on the other races. In particular, Newton-North Delta and Churchill saw predictions from three different parties, with no party receiving a majority.

The most optimistic predictions for Liberal fortunes were made by Manatee, who has them taking 9 out the 14 seats in the pool. O’Smiley is unexpectedly the one who painted the best picture for the NDP’s prospects, with 4 of the 14 seats. Three contributors, Gnomes, Manatee, and Patsy, gave nothing to the Conservatives, with Dexter and Stevo’s predictions formed that party’s best hopes.

On average, here’s what M&Gers think will happen:

BC – Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca – Keith Martin retains his seat. (5/6)
BC – Newton-North Delta – NDP pickup. (3/6)
BC – Vancouver Centre – Hedy Fry beats Svend Robinson. (4/6)
AB – Edmonton Centre – Anne McLellan wins again. (5/6)
SK – Regina-Qu’Appelle – Nystrom returns! (4/6)
MB – Churchill – Desjarlais returns as an independent. (3/6)
ON – Trinity-Spadina – Olivia Chow wins. (5/6)
ON – Hamilton East-Stoney Creek – Tony Valeri wins. (5/6)
ON – Newmarket-Aurora – Belinda Stronach wins. (5/6)
ON – London-Fanshawe – Tie vote between the Liberals and NDP, with 3 votes each.
ON – Etobicoke-Lakeshore – Ignatieff wins. (5/6)
QC – Papineau – The Bloc unseats Pierre Pettigrew. (4/6)
QC – Jeanne-Le Ber – The Bloc unseats Liza Frulla. (5/6)
NT – Western Arctic – The Liberals hold. (4/6)


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  1. Stevo said,

    Wednesday, 14 December 2005 at 5:09 pm

    UGH…Do we have to vote again???

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