So much for that summer makeover

Well, the summer break is nearly over; Parliament resumes in only a couple of days; and what do the parties have to show for it? According to a recent poll, the Liberals have a great deal to show for it, while the other parties have, well… not so much. The popular support survey put the Liberals far on top of the polls with 40%, with the Conservatives down at 24%, NDP at 15%, and the Bloc in last position at 13%.

I remember, just before the summer break, hearing something about a big Conservative/Harper summer makeover. It is kind of strange, however, as I haven’t really heard or seen anything substantial from Harper and the Conservatives all summer long. It’s not like it has been a short summer either, as I have seen Paul Martin everywhere ( the softwood issue, the new Governor General, Alberta/Saskatchewan centennial, Hurricane Katrina, Chinese presidential visit, the UN, etc). Now, I may not have been paying enough attention to the news to notice (although I did notice the PM a lot), but I don’t remember anything significant coming from the Conservative Party on any of these summer issues. In fact, the most memorable comments from the Conservatives were those from disgruntled members, not very happy with Harpers leadership.

If the Conservative Party, and especially Stephen Harper, wants to get some recognition, that they sorely need, they have to be in the spotlight. I would have to say that over the summer, the spotlight is one place they certainly have not been.



  1. Manatee said,

    Monday, 19 September 2005 at 1:22 pm

    The only thing more laughable than thinking you can change your national image by working the BBQ circuit is by announcing to the nation that you will change your image by working the BBQ circuit.

    The most positive accomplishment of Harper’s sumemr was the public transit policy announcemnt. Maybe the new brains running the CPC show will realize the true nature of CPC’s problems and search for policy based solutions instead of leather vests and cowboy hats.

    Look for the NDP to regain lost ground once the fall sitting begins!

  2. Gnomes said,

    Monday, 19 September 2005 at 3:38 pm

    Is it me, or is a BBQ not the place to distance yourself from an Albertan redneck stereotype?

  3. Dexter said,

    Thursday, 22 September 2005 at 11:38 pm

    Single white male, 27, seeks non-lefty political party that won’t make me feel shame for supporting it. Will gladly pledge one vote in upcoming federal election to whoever can make my dream come true…

    Seriously, the situation in our country is getting ridiculous. With the Liberals firmly cemented in power and not likely to go anywhere anytime soon (except back to the public trough to feed the NDP again), it seems like we’re destined for more of the same for the forseeable future. More of the same oatmeal-grey policies on health care, taxation, education, immigration, welfare, and economic development that we’ve had since about the time that the Oilers won their last Stanley Cup. The point is, we’re slowly and surely heading down the wrong path in Canada, being led by a party that will tax and spend and legislate in whatever manner is necessary to buy enough votes east of Manitoba to stay in power, and there’s nothing to be done since there is no palatble alternative (for most Canadians) to the Liberals.

    Mostly, this is the Conservatives’ own fault…Steven Harper is undeniably creepy, so much so that I voted for the Liberals last time around because I was scared that we’d all be pledging allegance to a flag full of stars if Harper was running the show. They need to produce a leader who will focus Canadians on the real problems that affect our lives, and who will engage the country in a reasonable discussion in an attempt to solve these problems.

    Let’s take health care for example…clearly, there is a developing health care crisis in Canada. The current system is inefficient, understaffed, underequipped, and will not be capable of meeting our medical needs as our population ages. We need a conservative leader who is willing to have a rational discussion about this issue with Canadians, who will treat us like adults and admit that we cannot continue dumping money into the existing system, and explore all of the options available to ensure that we will receive decent medical attention when we need it. The tricky part is, they need a leader who can do this in a way that won’t allow the Liberals to use the old “OMG OMG OMG don’t vote Conservative, you’ll be getting health care from an American with dirty needles and a rusty exacto knife parked in a U-haul outside of the 7-11!!!!” argument.

    We also need rational discussions about all of the other issues I mentioned above…and we can’t have rational discussions when nobody takes the leader of the official opposition seriously. So, maybe some day somebody (Mr. McKay?) will answer my ad and make my dream come true…until then, it’s more of the same policies that make a lot of Canadians happy right now but push us further and further off course for the future.

  4. Chris said,

    Friday, 23 September 2005 at 11:39 am

    “you’ll be getting health care from an American with dirty needles and a rusty exacto knife parked in a U-haul outside of the 7-11!!!!” argument.”

    The truth is out there.

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