The end is near

The end is near, not of the minority Liberal government, but of this spring sitting of Parliament. In an evening exceeding even the excietment of May 19th, the Liberals appear to have pulled the rug out from Conservative early-election posturing by passing, first, a time allocation motion on C-48, then the NDP budget bill itself. This move prevents any Conservative hopes of defeating the government next week, and will surely allow for a speedy passing of bill C-38 early next week, greatly increasing the chance you will be bumping into your MP at a local Swiss Chalet.

The Conservatives are crying foul, claiming the Liberals have shown their true, desperate stripes, as the Liberals, NDP, and everyone’s favorite dark-lord of Parliament Hill (the Bloc) all voted to avoid further obstruction by the Conservative Party. The Liberals have been criticized in the past, and rightly so, for using ‘time allocation’ and ‘closure’ measures, but I don’t anticipate the Liberals losing a public relations battle over tonight’s events after having watched the low quality of debate the Conservatives have been offering this week with respect to bill C-48.

Despite the angry faces tonight, Conservatives will be glad to escape to their ridings without boxes full of election propaganda. I doubt they were ever really serious about taking down the government next week, however, that they won’t have an opportunity to shows how badly they have been out played yet again.


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