NDP demands

The NDP have been floating conditions, under which, the fourth party would be willing to continue supporting the Liberal government. Areas of interest include electoral reform, protection for pensioners, and protection of the environment. The NDP seem to be in a favorable position now, but Canadians should not expect massive changes in government policy before the PM’s election promise comes due. Liberals and NDPers are too far apart for electoral reform to be achieved any time soon. The Liberals have already made concessions in the amended budget for the environment, and will be unwilling to keep writing cheques. There may be room for compromise on pensioners, but only because it is under the radar, and only to the extent that business confidence (and corresponding Ontario Liberal votes) will not be sacrificed. However, it is wise for the NDP to continue to press the government, stay in the news, and raise awareness for the issues on which they will eventually be campaigning on. They may find themselves in a similar or stronger position after an election, and the Liberals will be more willing to bargain at the beginning of their next minority term.


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