Buried in the Back Pages

Last week saw a star Conservative cross the floor, saving the government and blasting Peter MacKay back in time 100 years in one fell swoop. Cadman stood with the Liberals, Martin slipped out of Harper’s trap, and Harper seemed happy to see him do so.

Yet I think the event that holds the most significance was one of the least covered. During last Monday’s provincial election in BC, 57% of voters supported adopting BC-STV, a preferential ballot, proportional representation system of voting. This support was just short of the standard of 60% that had been established, yet Premier Gordon Campbell has said that the results “opened the door” for electoral reform in the province.

This tentative victory gives hope to those of us who have never voted for a winning candidate at the federal or provincial level. If B.C. does follow through with reforms that provide a more representative legislature, and with a willing premier and populace it seems possible that they will, the province could serve as a role model for the rest of the country. Monday’s vote could have implications which last long after the floor-crossings, broken hearts, and minority governments of the day have become historical footnotes.

The idea of having an elected representative that actually represents my views, rather than the exact opposite of what I stand for… it may be too good to be true, but suddenly it seems a little more possible.



  1. Anonymous said,

    Tuesday, 24 May 2005 at 5:00 pm

    WORD…STV is the bomb, bring it!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Friday, 3 June 2005 at 5:01 pm

    you should start a regular column called “Buried in the back benches” which you comment about lesser known mp’s

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