Confidence game

I’m in no hurry for an election. Last June saw an election based largely on the sponsorship scandal, but without the full facts being known. There is no need to repeat that scenario. As much as the Conservatives would like the public to assume that the guilt taints the entire party, the lack of palatable alternatives forces the average voter to be more discerning. This time, we should wait.

I therefore would hope that the Liberals, NDP and assorted independants have the votes to keep the government intact at least through the fall. That being said, however, it is time for the Liberals to find out if they have the numbers or not. Trying to avoid a confidence vote, or disregarding a quasi-confidence vote, is unacceptable. If the votes aren’t there to support the government, it must resign. To avoid facing the review of the House strikes at the heart of the principle of responsible government. Martin and the Liberals should be facilitating, not blocking, the Conservatives in their effort to introduce a confidence motion. It’s time to roll the dice.


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